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It's About the Experience

It's About the Experience

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Abdulwaheed Abiola Alayande
·Dec 8, 2020·

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Excellent user experience either for a new or existing product start with the onboarding process.

Following the job-to-done framework, a great onboarding experience proves to users that the product will help them do the job they want.

The aim is to keep the onboarding process short and impactful. Although I observed many products have unavoidable complexity, it is tough to keep the process simple. Nevertheless, the best onboarding experience is a short, simple, and seamless path to finding and capturing value.

Insights from the Jobs-to-be-done framework can help streamline the onboarding process for complex products using the four forces of progress that affect users’ decisions to pick and use a particular product.

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  1. The push to find a workable solution to the existing problem

  2. The pull to identify what can be achieved with the newfound push

  3. The passivity that fuel change reluctancy

  4. The anxiety of new experience through the product

To create a successful product experience at the onboarding stage for a complex product, understanding the push is crucial, strengthening the pull is important, overcoming the passivity is critical, and staying calm with the anxiety.

During the initial product development of our AI-powered IoT medical device to regulate blood and fluids into the body of a patient, we emphasized having just a single button on the device.

The medical problem we are trying to solve is a complex one, and existing tools are way more complex than the problem.

How can we simplify the experience and lower costs using deep technologies? It became a battle for my product team.

xperience2.png We TREP it! We tested our hypothesis to understand the push, refined the push to strengthen the pull, evaluated the passivity, and prototyped a workable solution to calm the anxiety.

We TREP it - I guess you now know why we are called TREP Labs . Of course, the entire team worked extra to get it done. At TREP Labs, we love building products to solve exciting yet complex issues.

Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it's worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” - Steve Jobs

It’s about the experience............ How?

Understanding the push

To understand the push is basically about empathy. Understand the pain points of the various stakeholders in your product and what they are all trying to achieve.

Strengthen the pull

Habit-forming takes time and effort, users can ditch your product during the onboarding process. The trick is to filter noise from the signal. Let them skip the unnecessary path and complete it at their convenience.

Overcoming the passivity

Just help your users get the maximum joyful experience. Guide them to use your product - simple step by step instructions or push notifications would do.

Staying calm with the anxiety

Shorten the path to product value discovery. Work on the first few seconds of the onboarding process in a fun and creative way.

xperience3.png Onboarding is a great part of the user journey. Maximize your product value today, start with the experience!

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