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Let's Create the Future Together

Let's Create the Future Together

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Abdulwaheed Abiola Alayande
·May 4, 2020·

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trep1.jpeg I am happy to announce the expansion of our Research division at TREP Labs to benefit the general public, especially the young.

Why do I care?

Our expansion involves the opportunities we are giving the students in Nigerian universities to join TREP Labs as Research Student to create the future they imagine for themselves.

I resonate with this initiative. Some years back, I was also a research student and I know the significance of such an initiative towards career advancement and humanities at large.

We have amazing research results like using several Variational Autoencoder Algorithms and Neural Architectural Search on the drug database and match some existing drugs that could potentially inhibit certain viruses.

Several ML-assisted diagnostic tools considering the genome of an individual in its analysis.

Integrated mini-sensory devices automating intravenous therapy based on specific patient conditions, this is currently being adapted for the delivery of Remdisivir drug for Covid19 once approved globally.

I am passionate and enthusiastic about the future, I understand the feelings to be in such a position and we are ready to give you the opportunities to be in the same position and contribute your quota to the advancement of technology in healthcare delivery via research.treplabs.co


Why does it matter? We are re-creating the future, we create marvelous labor-saving inventions for everyone.

We are expanding our research focus in the following areas;

How we feel

Donating data would be more important than donating an organ

What we eat

Food security will become as important as personal security

How we cure

The future of medical discovery will be about accessible autonomy

What we believe

Innovation is a powerful force for human prosperity

Are you a 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate student studying STEM or Life Science in any Nigerian university, who is more ambitious about their career? TREP LABS is willing to offer some career support tailored to you.

visit research.treplabs.co to get started.

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