The Hard Hardware Product -THHP

With my passion and dedication to build products that affect real human needs, I started my journey with a humble beginning, conducting research on products that influence our daily decisions from communication to entertainment. I found out that most of the products in developing countries especially Nigeria are been built in the US or UK, especially hardware devices, but the bottleneck is that those products don’t fit into our existing and evolving infrastructures.


Developing hardware products requires 100x the amount of resources needed to develop a software product. In my current capacity, I lead the amazing product team building innovative medical devices to health challenges in Africa, I am really happy to be part of this team of young innovators, hackers, and makers with the mission to save lives by empowering today’s medical team with affordable medical devices.

hardware 2.jpeg Introducing The Hard Hardware Product Series...

hardware 3.png In the coming weeks, I will be sharing articles based on my personal experience about building hardware products with limited resources, especially for the emerging market.

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